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If the travel bug hits you and nature and adventure are calling, come to Bukit Lawang! Welcome to our homepage!

Bukit Lawang is located in the North of the Sumatra Island, Indonesia and home of the famous redheads: The Sumatra Orang-Utan.
The Gunung Leuser National Park is home to the endangered apes and thousands of other animals. The Nature Reserve is one of the biggest in Indonesia protecting one of the last remaining rainforests in Sumatra on an area of 3,600 sqm.

Amongst its inhabitants you will find Gibbons, Elephants, Tigers, Rhinos and numerous exotic bird species which find their last resort in the Gunnung Leuser National Park.

Within only three centuries, the majority of Sumatra’s rainforests were cleared in favor of palm oil plantations. Gunnung Leuser National Park is one of the last places on earth where Orang-Utans live freely in their natural environment. UNESCO declared Gunnung Leuser National Park along with two other national parks a world heritage.

We offer tours to one of the last paradises in this world. Together with our local partner, we arrange customized tour packages for groups and individuals.

Discover with us the fascinating landscape and culture of Sumatra. We would love to take you to an unforgettable adventure where you will ride on elephants’ backs, raft down wild rivers and discover the countryside with its volcanoes and lakes. Take a bath in the hot springs of the Berastagi plateau and experience the rich culture of the Batak.

Our mission is to customize your trip according to your preferences and assist you the best way possible. Our licensed rangers and guides speak proper English (and German).

Our service includes transfer from the airport Kuala Namu to Bukit Lawang and/or other destinations as well as the booking of accommodation.

Experience the unique nature and friendly people of northern Sumatra. Just tell us where you want to go – we will make your adventure happen.