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Go to… Bukit Lawang



„Bukit Lawang“ means “gate to the hills”. This spot marks the entry of the Gunnung Leuser National Park that stretches from Northern Sumatra to Aceh.

Once getting out of the 3-Million Metropolis of Medan, the largest city of Sumatra, the polluted air becomes clearer and cooler. The lines of houses diminish and endless palm oil plantations appear along the road. Then, after 50 miles the landscape changes: The hills of Gunnung Leuser National Park rise at the horizon.

In Bukit Lawang the road ends where the rainforest starts. Consider yourself lucky if you catch a glimpse of orange-reddish hair in the branch wood.The main activity to do in the small village is jungle trekking. Exploring the rainforest is the best way to see local animals like Orang-Utans, Thomas Leave Monkeys and even the Sumatra Tiger. We offer tours by hour or by day from 1 to 5-day tours.

Orang-Utans, however, can be seen without hiking through the jungle. For those who prefer not to go on a trekking tour, the feeding platform offers a great opportunity to see the apes while they are fed.

Besides jungle trekking and meeting Orang-Utans, Bukit Lawang offers various other activities that will make your stay here unforgettable: swimming or “tubing” in the Bohorok River, a crystal clear stream that is winding through the village; visiting a bat cave and an eco-garden; exploring the surroundings by “Becak”, a local vehicle built of a motorcycle with an attached sidecar. See behind the curtain of the life of local people in the villages – or just relax in a hammock and drink a jungle-tea.

Boredom simply does not exist here.

What to do in Bukit Lawang:

  • Jungle trekking ( 1 day, 2 days and 1 night in the jungle, several days trekking tour)
  • Returning from the jungle by tubing or by foot
  • Visiting of the Orang-Utan feeding station at the entry of the National Park
  • Tubing – sliding down the river on a tire
  • Visiting a bat cave
  • Traditional indonesian massage
  • Kajak touring
  • Rafting
  • Daytouring the Wampu River
  • Fishing
  • Cooking classes
  • Shopping and seeing the weekly local market