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Many guesthouses are located along the Bohorok River. We will book your accommodation for you. Depending on the room size and facilities prices vary between 6 and 40 Euros per night.

We will happily book your accommodation in Berastagi or Lake Toba as well.

Accommodation overview:

  • Room with double bed, moskito net, bathroom with shower. Location: In the middle of Bukit Lawang on the way to the feeding station, near by the river.

    Price for 1 night: 250.000 IDR

  • Room with double bed, moskito net, bathroom with shower, family room. Location: On the way to the bat cave, very quiet, near by the river with a big garden.

    Price for 1 Guest – 1 night: 150.000 IDR

    Price for a Family room (4 guests) – 1 night: 300.000 IDR


For booking and general inquiries you will find our contact form here.

Map of Sumatra:

Map of some available Guesthouses in Bukit Lawang: