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Go to… Tangkahan



The place to be for a close encounter with elephants is “Tangkahan”, a small village located at the margin of the National Park. Eco-tourism and Elephant-riding are the main attractions and the major income for the community.

Starting in Bukit Lawang, it takes a two-hour ride with a jeep or motorbike on a rocky road through remote villages and palm oil plantations until the green paradise stretches out before you.

The river in the middle of the rainforest is inviting for a refreshing swim and the hot springs are alluring for a relaxing time-out. The highlight is the one-hour elephant ride and the option to grab a brush and have a bath with the elephants.

Since the elephants are deployed for the Jungle Patrol, in order to prevent illegal deforesting, elephant riding is only available on certain days.

What to do in Tangkahan

  • Elephant-riding (1 hour)
  • Bathing with elephants
  • Swimming
  • Tubing
  • Relaxing in a hot springs
  • Swimming in the waterfalls
  • Trekking